Walter Link Bio

Walter’s particular interview style is based on decades of coaching leaders and facilitating innovation and transformation processes that invite our personal and co-creative potential. Isabel Allende described it as a new generation of Bill Moyers’ and Joseph Campbell’s dialogs. Many others said they discovered new insights and perspectives and shared stories they never told before in public. Walter calls this process mindful transformation inquiry because by facilitating multifaceted experiential as well as cognitive understanding it changes not only what we know but who we are and what we do.

Walter approach is also based on his own hands-on leadership and innovation experience in civil society and international business, capsule which allows him to meet his interview partners as peers. Formerly a fully liable partner of B.Grimm, a 130-year-old Euro-Asian group of industrial companies, Walter helped to pioneer the global movement for social and environmental sustainability in business and society. He co-founded and co-led sustainable business networks such as Empresa, which today includes 22 business organizations in 19 countries across the Americas, and the Social Venture Network in Europe that helped to launch movements such as CSR, social entrepreneurship, fair trade and socially responsible investing. He chairs Sarvodaya International, advises Stand, formerly called Forest Ethics, helped to create Human Rights Watch’s European Union office and is a member of the Club of Rome’s EU chapter. He co-founded the USA’s first fully accredited MBA in Sustainable Management and served on the boards of Naropa University, IONS, Omega Institute and Greyston Foundation, which integrate ancient wisdom and modern science to transform action. After decades of traditional training, Walter also teaches Buddhist practice, the Diamond Approach and mindfulness in action. He founded Global Academy Foundation, which produces GLTV. ( ; ; ; ; )