Transcript – Walter Link about GlobalLeadership.TV

This television series, ‘The Heart of Innovation’ is part of a larger strategy with which we are supporting movements around the world to bring about a better world – more sustainability, more humanity, more innovation, more effectiveness – turning our good intentions into concrete actions. For that reason we are showing in the series role models – people, organizations and also movements that have achieved tremendous impact in changing the world. We want to see what we can learn from them. Often we just look at the visible outside outcomes, and that’s of course very important. But in this series we go inside. We look at what helped these people to become so effective?

What we discover is that there is not just magic, not just genetics or some kind of unclear process that makes them so successful. But there is a real art and craft of leadership and how to develop human beings to grow into their potential and do the same for organizations and larger networks and movements of people so that they can manifest our human capacities. And there are of course individual capacities but there are also shared capacities. In these deep dialogues we are getting a sense of some of these – what you might call human technologies – part of them ancient, experimented with and designed for thousands of years, such as meditation or ancient Western philosophies. We can see that meditation in action, or a deep inquiry in coaching or psychotherapy or other inner work practices are not only for private life, they’re not only for our own benefit – they are to make us really effective in impacting the world and working together in a co-creative way.

Because if you look at the many failures in our society, what’s at the core of them? Its often not a question of technology or of money, its a question of people who cannot work together. They don’t know how to listen to each other, to respect each other, to go together into their co-creative potential and then to bring about solutions.

So in this series we are bringing the world of action together with the world of inner development to understand what’s really at the heart of effective leadership – for individuals and for societies and organizations.