Cherokee economist and founder of First Peoples Worldwide, Rebecca Adamson is a long-time advocate for indigenous rights who negotiates with

Sarvodaya is celebrating 60 years!   [caption id="attachment_4956" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne, Nobel Peace Prize nominee who is often called 'Sri Lanka's

In September, Global Academy was honored to contribute to the B Corp Summits in Mendoza, Argentina, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the

Marina Silva, who twice already won 20 million votes in Brazil's last two presidential elections, is one of the world's most

Celebrating International Women's Day In honor of International Women’s Day, for the month of March, GlobalLeadership.TV will take time to

Celebrating International Women's Day In honor of International Women’s Day, for the entire month of March, GlobalLeadership.TV will take time


The Director of Global Mindfulness Practice for the Germany-based technology giant, SAP, Peter Bostelmann is passionate about bringing mindfulness training

Natura co-founder, B-Team leader and running mate to Marina Silva in Brazil's 2010 presidential election, Guilherme Leal is a pioneer

Bird flying

Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Scilla Elworthy has spent decades working in peace-making. Founder of the Oxford Research Group and

Global social entrepreneur Thais Corral has played key roles in the women's movement and the global leadership movement for decades.

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut & founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences, is one of the few people to have

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Leontino Balbo: Listening to Nature Sustainablizes Big Agriculture

Leontino Balbo, the Brazilian pioneer of sustainable agriculture whose unique method of listening to nature helped him to develop a

Many of us may hear voices in our heads – our intuitions or internalized voices can positive and nurturing, but

John Kotter & Nancy Dearman - GlobalLeadership.TV

John Kotter & Nancy Dearman, change experts & Kotter International co-founders, have spent decades studying the processes of change and

M.I.T. professor, Presencing Institute founder, and co-creator of Theory U, Otto Scharmer tells us that the modern world requires more

John Naisbitt - GlobalLeadership.TV

Megatrends authors John & Doris Naisbitt have had their thumbs on the pulse of global trends for decades. In an in-depth

Helio Mattar, Brazil’s former General Electric CEO and Vice Minister of Commerce left business and politics to transform our perspectives on consumerism. In dialogue

With climate change, environmental devastation and a multitude of geo-political concerns, global crises demand our urgent attention. But if we

Brazil’s most inspiring presidential candidate, a former senator and minister of the environment, Marina Silva grew up illiterate in the

Leontino Balbo: GlobalLeadership.TV

Leontino Balbo revolutionizes agriculture in the way he produces 30% of the world’s organic cane sugar, enhancing also bio-diversity and