Why Slow Media?

Redwoods, Muir Woods

A lot of media comes to us in sound bytes – but does this encourage the type of in-depth, critical thinking that can bring us meaningful innovation and deeper solutions to the challenges we face as a global society?

Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post wrote about the slow news movement: ‘among all the random searching that defined the Internet’s early years, something new has emerged: a search for greater meaning.’

She continues: ‘A world of too much data, too many choices, too many possibilities and too little time is forcing us to decide what we really value. And, more and more, people and innovative companies are recognizing that we actually have a life beyond our gadgets… Huffington is definitely a manifestation of this longing to disconnect from the hurly-burly of our hyper-connected lives and join the slow news movement.’

Global Academy believes that sometimes you have to slow down to allow ideas to mature, discoveries to be made and for truly innovative solutions to emerge. In our deep dialogues, participants the time to inquire, digest and make new discoveries towards creating innovation and transformation in the world.

In Global Academy’s in-depth dialogues we take time for reflection, exploring the ways that together we can create the lasting change needed to co-create more sustainable lives, organizations and societies.