Why Marina Silva’s Popularity is Important for Sustainability in the World

Marina Silva: 20 Million Votes for a Sustainable Brazil!

by Walter Link

Watch the video – Marina Silva: 20 Million Votes for a Sustainable Brazil!


Marina Silva Presidential Candidate Brazil

Marina Silva Presidential Candidate Brazil, 2010 & 2014

Twice now, 20 Million Brazilians have voted for a presidential candidate who is fully committed to sustainability. As an activist and union leader, senator and minister of the environment Marina Silva proved that she is fully committed to sustainability. She understands the complexities of having to integrate social and cultural, environmental and economic sustainability to develop a just and humane society of global impact.

That 20 million Brazilians vote for a sustainability leader like Marina matters not only to Brazil but to the whole world. Brazil’s forests are the planet’s largest lungs. It hosts its greatest bio-diversity and a rare multi-ethnicity and is therefore key to life’s DNA. With its economic and cultural potential, its environmental threats and a painful divide between rich and poor, Brazil showcases humanity’s definitive challenges and opportunities. Therefore whoever governs Brazil plays a crucial role in determining whether humanity will move closer to its potential of co–creating dynamic sustainability that integrates social, environmental and economic health.

In this unusually frank and intimate interview that she herself called a ‘soul dialogue’, Marina Silva reveals the flavors of her formative youth and core tenants of her value system. Effortlessly she moves between the diverse worlds she has inhabited. From the natural wisdom of the community in which she grew up as a poor and illiterate rubber collector in the Amazon to the world of intellectual discourse in which she links psycho-analysts Lecan and Freud to Christ’s commitment to social change and democracy.

Like other great leaders she may become a symbol of our potential: A formerly illiterate and poor Afro-Brazilian women who grew up to become a deeply humane being with a sophisticated intellect and a quiet yet powerful voice that inspires people to go beyond the status quo that we all know is unsustainable. While she has not yet become Brazil’s president she is already changing the country and with it the world.

Watch the video – Marina Silva: 20 Million Votes for a Sustainable Brazil!