Episode List

Rebecca Adamson: Indigenous Perspectives on Sustainability & BusinessMeet the Cherokee leader who challenges global corporations to respect indigenous culture & prioritize sustainability.

Isabel Allende: The Heart of Creativity – Behind her many books is the story of her daughter’s death and her spiritual journey, which are key to reinventing her creative process and grounding her activism.

Leontino Balbo: Listening to Nature Sustainablizes Big Agriculture – Meet this business leader whose extraordinary connection to nature and his depth leads to reinventing large scale agriculture with the potential to resolve both hunger and sustainability.

Fabio Barbosa: Towards Ethical Banking – Meet the CEO of Brazil’s publishing giant Abril and former leader of several important banks who demonstrates that personal development is the key to both innovation towards corporate success and sustainability.

Marise Barroso: The Power of Real Relationship – Learn how this outstanding female CEO integrates male and female leadership qualities to foster humanity and productivity in Brazil’s heavy industry, demonstrating that women as well as men can do it all.

Ram Dass – Part 1 Karma Yoga: The Path of ActionHear America’s legendary spiritual explore how to integrate the depths of spirituality and love with living in the world of action.

Ram Dass – Part 2 Karma Yoga: The Path of Action – Meet Ram Dass, former Harvard professor and one of America’s seminal spiritual teachers, to explore how we can integrate spirituality and action.

Hein Dijksterhuis: The Heart of Leadership – Discover global leadership and strategy development with Theory U expert and world champion sailor.

Scilla Elworthy: Part 1 – The Heart of PeaceDiscover the core challenges & opportunities of making peace actually work with Nobel Peace Prize nominee & founder of the Oxford Research Group.

Scilla Elworthy: Part 2 – Developing Peacemakers – Discover how to develop the skills necessary for peacemakers with Nobel Peace Prize nominee & founder of the Oxford Research Group & Peace Direct.

Marshall Ganz: The Power of Storytelling – Meet the Harvard professor who helped Obama become president by training thousands of volunteers in storytelling.

Joseph Jaworski – Part 1: The Heart of Synchronicity – Discover how former Shell head of scenario planning is helping leaders to discover the source of creativity and innovation.

Joseph Jaworski – Part 2: The Source of Innovation – Joseph Jaworski and Walter Link discuss the inner source to creativity and innovation and the importance of maturity to leadership development.

John Kotter and Nancy Dearman: The Heart of Change – Learn why Harvard professor and best-selling author of 20 leadership books advises that feelings are as important as thinking to bring about change.

Guilherme Leal: Co-Creating Sustainable Economies – Meet the founder of one of Brazil’s most sustainable companies, Natura, who joins with other progressive business leaders to develop a global economy that works for all.

Helio Mattar: From Consumerism to Conscious Consumption – Meet Brazil’s former General Electric turn-around CEO who left business to create one of the world’s most important non-profit-organizations.

Edgar Mitchell: An Astronaut’s Epiphany on Consciousness & Sustainability – Hear about the story behind the Apollo astronaut’s awakening to sustainability and deep humanity.

John & Doris Naisbitt: The Heart of Megatrends and China’s Innovation – Discover the human story behind China’s rapid rise and the key to being successful there as well as the uncanny capacity of the Naisbitts to predict the world’s megatrends.

Otto Scharmer: Leading From the Emerging Future – An inside perspective from the M.I.T professor who co-founded of Theory U and co-creates its worldwide application.

Peter Senge: The Heart of TransformationMeet M.I.T. professor and one of the world’s most respected leadership experts whose personal path includes daily Buddhist meditation. Quoting China’s Confucius, he summarizes:To become a leader, you first have to become a human being’.

Marina Silva: 20 Million Votes for a Sustainable Brazil! – Growing up illiterate amidst the forest and indigenous wisdom, she earned a PhD, became a union leader, senator, minister and the world’s most successful green party candidate, winning 20% of the Brazilian presidential vote. Now she founded a new party: Sustainability Network.


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Dr. A.R. Ariyaratne: Sri Lanka’s Gandhi – Explore how to bring Buddhism and humanity alive in one of the world’s largest societal transformation movements.

Peter Blom: The Heart of Sustainable Banking – Meet the CEO of Europe’s leading sustainability bank and the co-founder of the Global Banking Alliance for Banking & Values.

Bernie Glassman: The Transformational Power of Bearing Witness – Meet the Zen master and social entrepreneur who dares us to engage with Auschwitz and tackle US urban poverty.