Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture Goes Public!

Leontino Balbo, the Brazilian pioneer of sustainable agriculture whose unique method of listening to nature helped him to develop a revolutionary post-organics agricultural method that that has proven itself on 20,000 hectares is going public with what he calls his Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture. It eliminates chemicals and GMOs while increasing pest resistance, drought resilience and yield by 20+%, revitalizing even severely abused soil and biodiversity. All of which is proven by over 20 internationally recognized certifications.


Now he is going public with his method that is already supplying 30% of the world’s organic cane sugar to organic food and energy producers as well as global brands such as Pepsico and Danone. Balbo has received invitations from United Nations and other international organizations to make his method globally available. Now, he is ready to heed that call and is offering his premier seminar on ‘Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture’.

For more about Leontino Balbo’s approach to making large-scale agriculture sustainable, watch: ‘Leontino Balbo: Listening to Nature Sustainablizes Agriculture’ HERE.

Leontino Balbo: Listening to Nature Sustainablizes Big Agriculture

Leontino Balbo: Listening to Nature Sustainablizes Big Agriculture



For more about Leontino Balbo’s first conference to make his method, Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture, available to a greater population, see below.



In Leontino Balbo’s words: “Please join me on November 18th and 19th near my farms and mills in Ribeiro Preto, close to Sao Paolo, Brazil for a 2-day seminar about the Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture approach that I developed over the past 25 years of farming 20,000 Hectares or 50,000 Acres of sugar cane.

Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture may well be the world’s most sustainable large-scale production method. It integrates soil rejuvenation and strengthening of bio-diversity with highly productive and profitable agriculture. It achieves 20% higher yields than conventional chemical and GMO-based agriculture. It is more pest and drought resistant. And because the product is organic and in my case has been certified under more than 20 quality labels, it achieves also better prices, which makes it very attractive for small and large-scale farmers around the world. Therefore neighbors owning 30,000 Hectares or 75,000 Acres are now using my methodology so that they, too, can sell for better income under our organic Native brand.

Sugar Cane: GlobalLeadership.TVWith the help of Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture we can produce organically without compost by using ground rocks that are easily available in many locations! I lately converted 5,000 hectares of severely abused soil within 2 years into healthy and productive farmland. The same methods can be applied to diverse crops, landscapes and climates, making it useful for farmers around the world.

Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture grew out of our hands-on farming experience as well as rigorous scientific research that has been verified by leading agro-science specialists. Wired Magazine calls this approach Post-Organic Agriculture and the United Nations has asked me to share this technology around the world because they trust that it can help with soil rejuvenation and malnutrition – two of humanities greatest challenges.

So now I am finally ready to go public with this approach. This 2-day seminar is the first time that I am publically sharing this technology in such depth. Please join me as I leave my comfort zone to jump into the “ring of fire” of public outreach to share this methodology with the world I deeply care about. Together we must leave a better world to the children of our grandchildren’s grandchildren. Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture is my contribution.”

For more information on his event see his website: HERE