1. Leontino Balbo: Listening to Nature Sustainablizes Big Agriculture

    Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture Goes Public!

    Leontino Balbo, the Brazilian pioneer of sustainable agriculture whose unique method of listening to nature helped him to develop a revolutionary post-organics agricultural method that that has proven itself on 20,000 hectares is going public with what he calls his Ecosystem Revitalizing Agriculture. It eliminates chemicals and GMOs while increasing

  2. How the Inner Critic Maintains the Status Quo

    Many of us may hear voices in our heads – our intuitions or internalized voices can positive and nurturing, but many may be less kind. One such ‘voice’ is the Inner Critic, or the Voice of Judgment, the voice that tells you, ‘You aren’t good enough,’ ‘You shouldn’t do it

  3. John Kotter & Nancy Dearman - GlobalLeadership.TV

    John Kotter & Nancy Dearman: Why change starts with ALL of us

    John Kotter & Nancy Dearman, change experts & Kotter International co-founders, have spent decades studying the processes of change and leadership in companies, organizations and societies. A professor at Harvard Business School and author of numerous best-selling leadership books, Kotter’s 8 Step process of change describes the both emotional and

  4. Otto Scharmer on Deep Listening and the Emerging Self

    M.I.T. professor, Presencing Institute founder, and co-creator of Theory U, Otto Scharmer tells us that the modern world requires more of us as leaders and changemakers. But how do we create this progress? How does personal growth happen? Scharmer studied the practices of some of the most innovative leaders of

  5. John Naisbitt - GlobalLeadership.TV

    John Naisbitt on the Importance of Diversity for Innovation

    Megatrends authors John & Doris Naisbitt have had their thumbs on the pulse of global trends for decades. In an in-depth dialogue with Walter Link in GlobalLeadership.TV’s ‘The Heart of Megatrends & China’s Innovation’, Naisbitt discusses the connection between diversity and innovation. Watch the Full Video ‘John & Doris Naisbitt:

  6. The Importance of Art & Beauty to Sustainability

    Helio Mattar, Brazil’s former General Electric CEO and Vice Minister of Commerce left business and politics to transform our perspectives on consumerism. In dialogue with Walter Link, Mattar discusses the importance of emotions and appreciation of beauty to leadership and sustainability, and how excessive consumption can lead to environmental crisis

  7. Peter Senge: Prioritizing Personal Transformation to Solve Global Crises

    With climate change, environmental devastation and a multitude of geo-political concerns, global crises demand our urgent attention. But if we continue to do business as usual, using our old paradigms to guide our actions, how can we develop innovative solutions that will guide us through our crises and into new

  8. Marina Silva: How Nature’s Parables Taught Her Leadership

    Brazil’s most inspiring presidential candidate, a former senator and minister of the environment, Marina Silva grew up illiterate in the jungle, in a close connection to nature and native wisdom. Here she discusses how nature’s parables made her a better leader. Watch the whole episode here: Marina Silva: 20 Million

  9. Leontino Balbo: GlobalLeadership.TV

    How Leontino Balbo gained 30% of the world’s organic sugar market by listening to nature

    Leontino Balbo revolutionizes agriculture in the way he produces 30% of the world’s organic cane sugar, enhancing also bio-diversity and social conditions. His childhood reminds us of Kipling’s ‘Mowgli’, fishing in streams, disappearing for long days into the jungle and marshes, where he developed a deep sense of love and