Stories and practices that empower real change

In-depth dialogues with innovative leaders about the inner work practices and perspectives that make them so impactful in their work in the world.

Peter Bostelmann: How Mindfulness Supports Global Technology

Meet SAP's Chief Mindfulness Officer, whose programs in mindfulness & emotional intelligence support innovation in global technology and are transforming corporate culture.

Guilherme Leal: Co-Creating Sustainable Economies

Meet the founder of one of Brazil's most sustainable companies, Natura, who joins with other progressive business leaders to develop a global economy that works for all.

Marina Silva: The Transformative Power of Dreams

Growing up illiterate amidst the forest and indigenous wisdom, she earned a PhD, became a union leader, senator, minister and the world’s most successful green party candidate, winning 20% of the Brazilian presidential vote.

John Kotter & Nancy Dearman: The Heart of Change

Learn why Harvard professor and best-selling author of 20 leadership books, John Kotter, and Kotter International co-founder Nancy Dearman advise that feelings are as important as thinking in bringing about meaningful change.

Leontino Balbo: Making Big Agriculture Sustainable

Meet this business leader whose extraordinary connection to nature and his depth leads to reinventing large scale agriculture with the potential to resolve both hunger and sustainability.

Peter Senge: The Heart of Transformation

Meet M.I.T. professor and one of the world’s most respected leadership experts whose personal path includes daily Buddhist meditation. Quoting China’s Confucius, he summarizes: ‘To become a leader, you first have to become a human being.’

Joseph Jaworski - Part 1: The Heart of Synchronicity

Discover how former Shell head of scenario planning is helping leaders to discover the source of creativity and innovation.

  • Regenerative Leadership

    At a time when humanity increasingly realizes that our economies need to fundamentally change, sustainable business leader and movement builder Walter Link dialogues with ‘B’ & regenerative business pioneers whose companies model required shifts towards a new economy that benefits all stakeholders and regenerates nature. Meet B Corp Natura co-founder Guilherme Leal, indigenous economist Rebecca Adamson, large scale organic farmer Leontino Balbo, Banco Santander chair Fabio Barbosa and General Electric Brasil CEO turned conscious consumption expert Helio Mattar. Explore theme>>

  • Women Transforming Leadership

    As humanity faces great challenges and opportunities, women leaders provide crucially important approaches of how to lead towards innovation in business, politics and society. Walter Link’s dialogue partners include sustainable business CEO Marise Barroso, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Scilla Elworthy, presidential candidate Marina Silva, social entrepreneur Thais Corral and best-selling author Isabel Allende. Explore theme >>

  • Mindful Action Empowers Leadership

    Mindfulness has not only the potential to connect us to the very core of human nature. It also greatly empowers our actions. In this series mindful action pioneer Walter Link explores with some of the world’s most innovative leaders how mindful action integrates personal development with creating wiser impact in a world scared by unconscious action. Dialogue partners include former Harvard professor Ram Dass, Nobel peace prize nominee Scilla Elworthy and Peter Bostelmann, Chief Mindfulness Officer of tech giant SAP. Coming soon: USF law professor and mindful justice leader Rhonda Magee, social entrepreneur and Zen Master Bernie Glassman. Explore theme >>

  • Innovation & Leadership Pioneers

    To co-create regenerative societies and sustainable companies, we need new leadership approaches that empower our full human potential. In this series Walter Link explores with some of the world’s most respected innovators how to reinvent leadership for the 21st century. His dialogue partners include MegaTrends authors Doris and John Naisbitt, MIT professor Peter Senge, Obama advisor Marshall Ganz, U Process co-founder Otto Scharmer and Synchronicity expert Joseph Jaworski. Explore theme >>

  • Coming Soon: Rhonda Magee

    Stay tuned for the upcoming release of a deep dialogue with Rhonda Magee on Integrating Law, Equality & Mindfulness. Meet Professor Rhonda Magee, a law professor at the University of San Francisco and veteran of the US armed forces who is using mindfulness to humanize the practice of law. Rhonda is an internationally recognized thought leader and author of the recently released “The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness.”

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